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OH MY GOD! WHAT? It's art and crap! I didn't know this website was for art!


...Dose this really need a caption?


calibaby6 has started a donation pool!
308 / 1,000,000,000

:boing:~•°BEFORE THE PRICES!°•~:boing:


:boing:~•°WON'T DRAW°•~:boing:
•Sexual things
•Making out
•Hate art
•Scenic Pictures (Just because I hate drawing these things)

:boing:~•°WILL DRAW°•~:boing:
•Couples that do not involve things from the list above
•Pretty much anything that is not listed above



Icon Celestial Icon for Shadowfire108 by calibaby6 frinni teagon icon for ColourlessGirl (NOT FREE!) by calibaby6 Webria Icon (NOT FREE TO USE) by calibaby6

Doodle (white background) mudkip by calibaby6


1 character flat color (fully colored, simple background [color, pattern, or transparent], no shading) Raiffiti by calibaby6

Journal Doll (transparent) Commission:Jinjo Journal Doll by calibaby6

Trixter Dragon Trixter Dragon for Ralola by calibaby6

flat color group drawing (two to three characters [plus 1:points: for extras], fully colored, simple background[color or pattern], no shading)

1 character shaded drawing (fully colored, background[scene], shading, highlights) 1 Character Shaded Commission: Bea by calibaby6


shaded group drawing (two to five characters [plus 1:points: for extras], fully colored, background[scene], shading, highlights)


Reference Sheet Anna Lena: Ref commission by calibaby6

:boing:~•°Add Ons°•~:boing:

Speed Paint(digital only): 5:points: I make a video and upload it to youtube with a speed paint of your commission.

Step-By-Step: 2:points: Take Screen Shots/Pictures to show you the steps and the commissions progress.

Layer-View: 1:points: Take all the layers of the drawing, separate them, and put them in a diffrent image or with the speed paint video.

:boing:~•°Commission Form°•~:boing:

Traditional or Digital: (What medium would you like it in?)
What Type of Commission: (Listed above)
Add Ons You Would Like: (listed after commissions)
Details in Commission You Would Like: (Describe the picture you would like and if I can take artistic licenses or if you want me to stick strictly to the reference. Please link a reference sheet and/or some pictures your character is in.)
Price: (add up all the prices of the commissions)


Traditional or Digital?: Digital
What Type of Commission?: 1 Character Advanced drawing
Add Ons You Would Like: Step-by-Step
Details in Commission You Would Like: Please draw my OC Karry eating marshmallows. Here is his reference sheet [link] please fallow it completely.
Price: 7:points:

:boing:~•°Please fill out the above form and send it to me in a note — please fill out one form for each picture — then send me the correct amount of points.°•~:boing:

:boing:~•°Thank You!°•~:boing:

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Artist | Professional | Varied
United States
Bio? Yes, well, as you can see I am living, although this is kind of a strange way to ask me thi- Wait, you know I'm alive? Then why would you put Bio here!? Explain my self? What did I do? Am I in trouble? No? Explain my art and what I do? Oh, Ok! I can do that!

Okay, first things first: Critiques wanted by prosaix ok?

I am a traditional and digital artist. I make my art manly- I um, mean mainly- out of boredom and to try to not get addicted to pointless things, though it still happens. I do not expect to make money for my art, for I am not growing up to be an artist. Many people who first meat me think this before even talking to me simply because I am lucky enough to have an art bag and nice tools, which I am almost constantly using unless I have work to do at school ( or my teacher makes me put it down, but there's only one who dose that ;P ). I am not becoming an artist for the simple reason that a lot of the time, sadly, artists don't make any money until they are dead. With be being living, which I stated above, I need money to sustain my self. That is why I am becoming a robotics engineer, which is an art all its self. I love to build and make things, especially things that have uses, so this career allows me to do this and possibly get rich from it.

Now that that matter is out of the way, about my art. I am a very strange and weird child, one might even say a tad bit morbid, and this is what I draw. Lots of my pieces consist of bloody, misshapen monsters or monster-ish things. Then I have my little weird cute things that I put up, which a lot of times have to do with bunnies, that sort of balances out that dark feeling.

Thank You for visiting my page and I hope you enjoy my art.

I like constructive comments more then just favorites and telling me how good it is, please tell me what I could improve with my drawings but make it helpful, Don't Troll.

Stalk- I mean Visitors...

Counting since 4/16/2013, 5:17 P.M.

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Tagger: BasileusIoannis

1. You should post the rules.
2. Each person should post 5 things about themselves in their Journal.
3. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in his journal (not doing anything past this rule I'm sick and tired lol) and create five new questions for the people you tag to answer.
4. You should choose 10 people to tag and post their icons in your journal.
5. Go to their page and say you have tagged them.
6. No tags back.
7. No stuff in the tagging section about "you're tagged if you're reading this". You legitimately have to tag 10 people.


1) if you were an element (earth, fire, water, air), which would you be and why?

Fire because I like burning things and I would always be able to defend my self, light camp fires, and rain hell upon my enemies.~

2) if you were a superhero/supervillain, what super power(s) would you have?

Telekinesis. It is rad and multitasking would be way easier.

3) who is your favorite athlete or sports team, and how are they doing this year?

I don't like sports.

4) do you believe in horoscopes/fortunes?


5) what is your favorite game, and what do you like the most about it?

Cards Against Humanity. It is wildly inappropriate, which makes it amazing.

My Questions:




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